11 april 2013

What's the color of love?

 Well, red of course.
 My sweet friend asked for black and white with just a hint of red for these big LOVE letters.
Just the shadow of "heart" is red. The background paper is a very pale checkered grey/white with glitter dots. I added some stamped butterflies aswell as a few punched ones, and three different tapes. The two washi tapes (Love and plain black) goes all the way around to the back. 
 For the O I picked a letterfilled paper that made it super easy to fit in the red accents. Super easy all together really, cause all I needed to add after that was a bouquet of paper roses and leaves.

 The white on white stamping on top of the O adds that little extra dimension.

This paper has big swirly flowers and I just put several different tapes over it, all following the V-shape. I also covered a chipboard heart with metal tape and glued it on top of it all. The red is represented by a thin metal thread wired a few times around the letter.

 Hearts, hearts and hearts. In the background paper, stamped, embossed, as stickers and the red wooden ones. To add weight I put two strips of doily tape in the lower part (the black is what makes it "heavier").  

 Love bunting with a red glitter heart.

A big hug to Veronica for making me make these. Love you girl!

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