12 januari 2012

The very last of christmas

This week, while coughing and snoring (aint THAT typical January, seems I'm always struck with a cold this time of year) I went along and tossed out the trees - all three of them!! :) - and put my christmas back in the boxes. Always a bit sad to do so, cause we really like the holiday season in my home. But since we don't wanna have christmas ALL year around, it's bound to be done. 

Anyway. While doing that, I realised I forgot to post this little happy snowman greetingbox. Oh noo!!

It's app. 5 cm in diameter and if I remember correctly, the box was originally a bubblegum container. The lovely mr. Snowman is a sticker.

There were no actual purpose for doing this, but it's been a while since I last made a box like this and that's purpose enough for me.

A string of pearls, kinda. The lighting varies a lot in these photos, I'm sorry for that.

Wishing a merry christmas.

The following photos show the reverse side of each circle. 

Of course I had to add a little something to the bottom of the box too.

My next post won't be christmasy, I promise!! :D

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