31 augusti 2011

Someone likes me :)


I've been picked as one of Scrappekammerets favourites for their #35 challenge, Kammerpikenes bild.
I'm just sooo delighted and pretty blown away by this and can only thank the sweet girls over there for liking my stuff. :)  The original post is here : neoLeo, but I'll just can't keep from adding some pics here aswell. ;)




 *smiling smiling smiling*

25 augusti 2011

Future plans

Just showing a little bit of what my upcoming project might be about. Lots of color for a colorful girl, if I get my way with it. Had to post this, cause I really like these colors together. :)

24 augusti 2011

Favorit i repris

It's Flashback week over at Moving along with the times so I thought I'd take the opportunity to put on display my first ever set of letters. :)
You'll find the original post here, called Home in my heart.

 I made these for my own personal use, so I was able to pick the exact colors I wanted for our new living room, matching the wallpaper perfectly!

 H with swirls all over, both embossed and die cuts. A zinc tag, a swirl patterned ribbon and two hearts, all joined together with a brad shaped like a button.

 The O. A bird with twigs is stamped and embossed to the left, and the turqouise flowers is a rub-on that fitted just perfect here. Some metal decorations, and a slightly transparent butterfly completes the picture.

 Mmm... More embossing here in the fence, and on the heart (made from a piece of blue plastic scrap, I just love it when things from the waste bag come to new life).

 For the E I enhanced the flowery theme and simply added a swirl and glued mini flowers all over. A piece of turqouise ribbon winded around the top, and again some metal embellishment.

In these pictures you can see the message better; HOME is where your [heart] is.

I still like this very much, and hope you'll like it too. :)

22 augusti 2011

Seamless trees

Today I've been trying on some of my latest stamp additions, and since the last sets of stamps were christmasy - christmas cards is what you get. :)

 This card base was leftover from the deer card a few days ago (I cut a larger square card in two, and took a piece of this one to make the deer), and that, along with the shape of the trees, inspired me to make this 'invisible opening'-thingie. Can you spot the opening? ;)
 Maybe here?


 I'm not really sure this is a santa. He looks more like a gnome to me, especially in this 'down-to-earth' costume. :)

Second card got a real simple layout. Too bad you can't really see the lovely shimmer in this card though....
Anyway. Lots of embossing here; first stamped and embossed the outline in black, and then added some extra grace to it with Palm green details. All done!

19 augusti 2011

Deer greetings

This small greeting card is totally inspired by the neoLeo letters.

 The same background paper, but this time I didn't bother with the filled star stamp. Instead I used two different greens for the outline stamp, wich adds more 'life' than just one. The dear cutie deer is stamped and trimmed, then glued to the card. Also filled the eye with Glossy accent, just like last time. :) A green dotted ribbon covers the splice between the papers and three brown gems follow up the dots nicely.

 "Hi" is made out of chipboard, sprinkled with brown fuzzy glitter. The result reminds me of cookies with cinnamon...(maybe I should even add some cinnamon to make it a scented card :)) LOL

Inside's kept simple with the same green paper as in the lower front, and the deer stamped in green. Lots of room for greetings.

8 augusti 2011


Ok, finally!! :) This is what I've been up to in between vacations and trips here and there.

A friend asked me to make letters for her newborn, and she wanted them green since she loves that color. I've added a little blue because it's a boy, and because just green would make it a bit flat. ;)

L is for Loved
 You've already seen a little bit of this in my last post, with the cute deer. I added two hearts on his little tush, and embossed ear and chest with Silver pearl. Also coated the eye with Glossy accent for extra dimension.
Perhaps I should mention the background paper aswell. It's a simple square pattern, with randomly added stamped stars. First a filled star, and on top of that a starry outline stamp wich I embossed. Pretty cool result I might say. :)

 The zinc tag with ribbons, an adorable stroller charm and a heart (with some extra left over pearls, great for making "new" embelishments of old stuff), all pinned together with a star shaped brad.
(The word 'Vår' translates into 'Our'.)

 Is it a bee? A fly maybe? I dunno. I do know it's kinda cute, and adds extra detail. I like. :)

 Flowers are always nice. These are fabric ones, and I've stamped on them with darker blue for extra effect. The center brad is really a snow flake.... but it's alright for this purpose also, no? :)

You've seen this one on other projects, if you've visited my blog before. I like it. I also like to make it just barely visible, on the side of a project. So I did just that this time too. ;)

E is for Enchanting
This was a quite messy background paper, so it needed a lot of embellishment. That might sound weird, but to add large objects on top makes the background less noisy. Luckily the word here (Underbara/Wonderful) was a long one. I also added a strip of paper at the bottom, with some of my beautiful stitching (LOL, this is why I'm doing scrap, not clothes), three buttons and a safety pin.

An itsy-bitsy tiny little car.

 Two of the letters was switched into these lovely fabric stickers.

Darling penguin on the loose, again. This time with embossed body and Crackle accent belly not to hide the lovely paper too much.

Butterflies fluttering by. 

O is for One of a kind
This one's also very much patterned, and yet I added some more. :) All the hearts on the left are stamped, in various colors and some even embossed. The pennants read 'Unge', wich translates to 'Kid'.

 Leaving a footprint...

 Super cute baby stroller from Karen Marie under the retro trees, and a wire heart resting at the bottom of the O.

 The pennant/clothes line.... I often use scrap pieces of paper from the other letters, that binds the project together in a nice and subtle way.

 Floral top.
 Did I mention I like white on white stamping? ;)  This is stamped on the side of the O...

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Fingers crossed!! ;)

6 augusti 2011

Oh deer

I'm making progress, promise. But, it's summer and weather's nice and all..... :P I'm done soon soon. Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak for ya'll, with the latest addition among my addictions. Cutest deer ever!

Come back soon to see the entire - finished - project! :)