28 november 2012

Wedding invitations

A friend asked me if I could help her out with wedding invitations recently. Of course I could!! :)

Layers in white and gold.

I won't show the inside here, because I don't think it's official just yet. :)

27 november 2012

Collection I

Last week I was a busy little bee, teaching others how to make bracelets. I had soo much fun, thank you all who joined me.
Here's a small selection of my rapidly growing collection, but there's more to come :)

16 november 2012

Twisted minds makes twisted twines

This is turning into an obsession! I soon turn every twine I see into bracelets ...and I see twine everywhere. Few days ago my eyes landed upon this pack of christmas twine, and my brain immediatley thought of bracelets.

Worked out pretty well don't you think? :) It's the top bracelet that used to be christmas twine, the other two just tagged along for the ride. Btw, the red hearts on the lower one comes from a garland of multicolored hearts and gold beads that I found at another christmas display, years ago. VERY useful, that one.

10 november 2012

3 november 2012

Signs of love

There are so many things to try out there! One of the things would be this, Aged wood signs. A LOT of work, but with truly rewarding result, don't you think? Who would guess these plank pieces started out looking brand new?? Not me. :)

The process includes using power tools (yay!), sandpaper, rusty nails, saw, steel wool, vinegar and paint. Oddest combo so far.
Making the wood look and and distressed takes time, but I think the most time-consuming part is cutting the stencils....Oh I wish santa will send me a digital diecut gizmo!

Since stencilmaking isn't the most fun part I just combined the stencils I made to make different messages. That works. :)

For this last one, I used both masking and stencils in multiple layers.
Time-consuming or not, I need to make more!
I also made a few paintings with a curtain for canvas, they'll be up here soon.

2 november 2012

Knots & beads

Just a quick note today to share with you my latest addictive findings.
I'm totally hooked!
In just a few minutes, atleast it FEELS like minutes, but I suddenly realised I'd been making bracelets into the dead of night... Naja, I'm sticking to it! In a very short time you can make a whole bunch of these übercute knotted darlings.
Originally, this was a DIY-kit for four bracelets from Panduro. Anyone who knows me would say it's soo typically me to not go by the book, so of course I've made a few minor changes.
I found some pearls and another centerpiece for the top bracelet in my box of treasures and put together a pattern of my own. Being a novice at jewelrymaking, I followed the knotting instructions to a T though. Quick, easy and fun fun FUN. And I still have stuff left from the kit to make atleast one more, yay!
I also made these. Actually, I started making the Green Goblin at craft night at church but didn't have time to finish it then. Now I've re-knotted it and added some silver pearls and the skull, leftovers from the Panduro-kit.
It was just enough string left to make the second one, wich is a washer covered with a pretty paper and lots of Glossy Accent, tied up with a single string.