23 juli 2012

Teacher appreciation, part H

This is H, for Helena, in my teacher appreciation series. 
Again a blue base, this time in a combination with soft green floral swirls and white picket fence. I needed a little more pattern in the upper part, so I added hearts, keys, text column and a flock of birds (wich I stamped twice, and heat embossed the top layer in Silver pearl).
Paper roses was just the right embellishment for this paper. Growing from the roses, a delicate swirl of turqouise transparent pearls.

A few items are present on every letter to make this into a whole. An organza ribbon - although different colors for each letter, a heart, stamping with "magical memories", a plaque with the class name and year...

... and the white on white stamping.
Even though all of these things are the same, I still think each letter is unique and beautiful. Hope you agree. :)

19 juli 2012

Teacher appreciation, part M

Summer's almost over... naja, ok. Maybe it just feels that's not really over, this is the summer that went missing. :P
Anyway. In the beginning of summer I was given the honour of making this years teacher appretiation gifts, both for my sons class and for the parallel class. Yay! :) I loooove making these letters.
Before starting with this project, I made sure to find out what colors they liked best, and what colors they'd never wear or have in the home. Kinda cool that they all answered blue as the favourite. :)
First one out, but actually the last to be made, is M, for Marie. Her favourites were blue, white and pink. I picked this lovely paper in summer sky blue, with torn pieces of newspaper here and there. Roses and swirls in soft pink, and a few details in white made the finished result look soft and romantic. 
For more depth, I used a template with numbers, and sprayed gently with glimmer mist. A couple of soft stamped crowns as another layer. The itty-bitty butterflies are punched from another newspaper paper, wich I had used for one of the other letters. Not that it matters for the recipients, but for me it ties all the letters together nicely, and I'm all for making it nice and proper. ;)
Romantic roses and a butterfly resting on top.

If you've seen any of my altered letters before you must know by now that I really really like this white on white stamping on the side of the letter. I don't ever get tired of this. :)

18 juli 2012

Folded pocket card

One of my sweet aunties had a big birthday coming up, and since we live far apart and don't get to visit that often, I wanted to make her a special card.
The idea for this card came from the Meander fold mini album and is made from a single sheet of paper but I wanted it more card-sized, so instead of all those folds I made only two.
First in half, and then half of that, wich left me with a 15x15 cm card, with the possibilities of two pockets. I went with one facing forward, and one upward.

I thought the front was kinda nice already so I just drew an additional swirl, heat embossed in copper brown, and added a few flowers with a gemstone center.
Once opened it looks like this. The big brown butterfly is part of the paper, I put two friends there for company and gave them all glitter bodies. For the opposite side a printed quote and the cutest little clock charm.

These are the tags that slides into the pockets...

...with birthday greetings of course. I printed it onto cardstock, and again added some glitter. Glitter makes everything more festive, don't you think?

For the back pocket I slipped in a few photos and made it look like I taped them on the tag. It's not washi tape though, the rose patterned one is some sort of plastic, and the brown dotted one is made of fabric.
The lovely quote again. In translation, it says:

The people who has got the most out of their lifes
isn’t the ones who has lived a century,
it is the ones that have lived every minute

13 juli 2012

Orange/coconut scrub

Here's some more sugar scrub. :) This batch I was asked by a friend to make. She wanted some teacher appreciation gifts with a summer feeling, so we decided to go with orange/coconut scent. I replaced some of the sugar with coconut flakes and added a little coconut oil to enhance the aroma. The rest is business as usual: olive oil, sugar and orange peel.
Fot a hot vibrant summer feel I went with orange/yellow colors. I believe my friend also added orange scrub gloves to make a nice little kit.

Inside the tag I left instructions on how to use the scrub, aswell as a list of contents.  Small transparent flower beads in the end of the ribbon makes it extra sweet.

12 juli 2012

Hug a heart

 This woven card from my pile of "might come in handy"-cards came in handy one day when I needed a birthday card and had no time to make one from scratch.
 I really like this stamp. The "hug" is emphasized with a touch of glitter...

 ...and so is this little talking bird.

Barely noticeable is the heart shape from the cover, even though it too is enhanced with a glitter line.

11 juli 2012

food for thought

Well not really. More like food for the skin. Sweet and appealing peeling, with a twist.
I just realised I never shared these with you. I believe I showed a sneak peek some time ago, but then I got so obsessed with the making of different scrubs that I forgot all about sharing the results. Oops.
 Anyway. This is batch #1. I made them for that Easter fair that got snowed in. Sugar scrub made from sugar and olive oil and scented with all natural ingredients like coffee beans (firms and tones), lemon (awakens), orange/cinnamon (anti-inflammatory) and chocolate/vanilla (simply yummy!!).
Totally natural, totally wonderful and totally addictive. :)
A scalloped tag with different color for each "flavour", plain and simple.

I've got sunshine

For this card I wanted to try out a raindrop tutorail that I read about. Rainy cards are a bit boring though, so I added some sunshine. The way this summer's been acting, we could all use a reminder to celebrate those random rays of sunshine.

A dark cloudy picture indeed. The raindrops didn't really end up the way I'd like them to, I think I used too little for each drop.

10 juli 2012

what's cooking

Ooops, what happened? I thought I was smart and made several posts to be published later on. Obviously I made something wrong... I'll give it a new try here.  

This is a card I made for no special reason, other than that I wanted to try out a new set of stamps (a freebie from a magazine). Clearly I'm not the coloring stamp-type! I used color pencils, cause that's what I had. I'm sure copics would have been so much easier.

 I wont buy any copics though. In fact, I think I'll end up selling/sending the stamps somewhere they will be more used. They are adorable, but frankly a bit intimidating to me. :)

A closer look at doggie and his friend. For the collar-tag I used a silver pen, and put a drop of Glossy accent on top for that extra shine.