23 april 2012

Match this

These are just a few of the matchboxes I made for the Easter fair....

All of the matchboxes were unique, but I forgot to take the camera with me, so this is what's left. :)

22 april 2012

Sunny side up

Easter's over by now, but I just have to show this second verison of the easter-letters. Colored in mostly yellow and blue, there's a sunny skies-feeling over it that I like very much.

 Embossed swirls and a few paper roses.

 Little chicks and a flower ribbon that goes all around the letter.

 I looove this pretty paper. The only extra decoration needed was a stamped cloud, enhanced with glitter.

The bonjour-ribbon is actually a tape, wich I folded over the edge.

 A few gemstomes for this simple decoration.

 The focal point is of course the flower and sentiment, but the faint swirl on the left adds extra dimension.

 ...and butterflies.

Here's a closer look at the Å swirl, with tiny "waterdrops".

3 april 2012

On the wishlist

Last week my little baby turned 5....wich, I guess, means he's really not a baby at all. :O
On his wishlist was things like LEGO and a Star Wars-sword and a real horse (yikes!) and - bless his big big heart - "one of those letters you do mom, they are so pretty". Who can resist such a cute request? I sure can't, so here's what I made for him:
He wanted a red letter, and I found this cool paper that is boyish but not too childish in style, filled with bikes wich is good in two ways. 1. He loves bikeriding, and 2. I finally got a chance to use my bicycle-buttons!

Again I used the wired heart, with a smaller heart inside. For me, the big heart symbolizes our love, protecting and embracing his - the smaller - heart, and life. 
I also tagged it with his date of birth, using "supercool, real screws" to attach it. :)

Just hangin'.

The hearts and &-sign are stamped directly onto the H, and then embossed. The sentiment is pieced together from two stamps (I love you and Friends are forever). 

A tree for growing, and a dog because he LOVES dogs. If he could, I bet he'd be a dog....

He wanted his name on there too. :)