23 december 2012

Daycare christmas gifts 2012

Guess what we gave this year. :)

I found these tiny boxes in my stash. With a stamp, a few punched out snowflakes and a christmasy tape, they turned out super cute. 

Added a gem too. There's always room for bling. :)

So, if you guessed bracelets, you were right! :) Not too hard to guess was it?

6 december 2012

Collection II

Ok, so I've deleted my previous post. Here are the correct pictures :) Maybe a sign that I have too many bracelets, since I can't keep track of them even in photos.

Anyhow. All of these are made in the same way, with double cord and pearls threaded in between.

First, two blue toned summerish bracelets. I even enhanced the beach feeling by using a nautical button and leaving the ends a bit longer on the top one.

 Same bracelets, only the Front side? Top? Ah. The other side.

 This is it! The origin of my obsession and the reason why I fill post after post with bracelets. :) I made this a little while ago during craft night at church. I'd read something about making bracelets like these somewhere online, and thought I'd have a go at it. I couldn't remember exactly how to do so I just tried a few ideas and went with what looked most right.
I had so much fun that night though, chatting along with my friends, that I accidently made it too big for me. Oops!

Luckily it fitted hubby like a glove, and I had to make some more that would fit me. :) So this is why.

(and btw, I had made a few itty-bitty mistakes with it so I re-threaded it later)

 This one is all mine! A double wrapped model in soft multicolor. I like the mixture with clear/opaque/matt/shiny beads in an irregular pattern.

This is a tiny one. Too small even to fit my boys, it now adorns the wrist of little Molly. She's happy. I'm happy. :)

28 november 2012

Wedding invitations

A friend asked me if I could help her out with wedding invitations recently. Of course I could!! :)

Layers in white and gold.

I won't show the inside here, because I don't think it's official just yet. :)

27 november 2012

Collection I

Last week I was a busy little bee, teaching others how to make bracelets. I had soo much fun, thank you all who joined me.
Here's a small selection of my rapidly growing collection, but there's more to come :)

16 november 2012

Twisted minds makes twisted twines

This is turning into an obsession! I soon turn every twine I see into bracelets ...and I see twine everywhere. Few days ago my eyes landed upon this pack of christmas twine, and my brain immediatley thought of bracelets.

Worked out pretty well don't you think? :) It's the top bracelet that used to be christmas twine, the other two just tagged along for the ride. Btw, the red hearts on the lower one comes from a garland of multicolored hearts and gold beads that I found at another christmas display, years ago. VERY useful, that one.

10 november 2012

3 november 2012

Signs of love

There are so many things to try out there! One of the things would be this, Aged wood signs. A LOT of work, but with truly rewarding result, don't you think? Who would guess these plank pieces started out looking brand new?? Not me. :)

The process includes using power tools (yay!), sandpaper, rusty nails, saw, steel wool, vinegar and paint. Oddest combo so far.
Making the wood look and and distressed takes time, but I think the most time-consuming part is cutting the stencils....Oh I wish santa will send me a digital diecut gizmo!

Since stencilmaking isn't the most fun part I just combined the stencils I made to make different messages. That works. :)

For this last one, I used both masking and stencils in multiple layers.
Time-consuming or not, I need to make more!
I also made a few paintings with a curtain for canvas, they'll be up here soon.

2 november 2012

Knots & beads

Just a quick note today to share with you my latest addictive findings.
I'm totally hooked!
In just a few minutes, atleast it FEELS like minutes, but I suddenly realised I'd been making bracelets into the dead of night... Naja, I'm sticking to it! In a very short time you can make a whole bunch of these übercute knotted darlings.
Originally, this was a DIY-kit for four bracelets from Panduro. Anyone who knows me would say it's soo typically me to not go by the book, so of course I've made a few minor changes.
I found some pearls and another centerpiece for the top bracelet in my box of treasures and put together a pattern of my own. Being a novice at jewelrymaking, I followed the knotting instructions to a T though. Quick, easy and fun fun FUN. And I still have stuff left from the kit to make atleast one more, yay!
I also made these. Actually, I started making the Green Goblin at craft night at church but didn't have time to finish it then. Now I've re-knotted it and added some silver pearls and the skull, leftovers from the Panduro-kit.
It was just enough string left to make the second one, wich is a washer covered with a pretty paper and lots of Glossy Accent, tied up with a single string.

29 oktober 2012


Another girly girl letter, but in a softer, more romantic pink. I wanted this to look a little bit vintage in style and therefore added a whole bunch of stamps on top of the pink background paper. By using clear ink and heat embossing with Vintage powder it became less bubblegum and more shabby, wich I really like.  

The plaid ribbon picks up the brown color from the stamps, and so does the metal pearls, the brad and the frame. 

Dunno if I succeeded in my attempts to make this look like a clothes line, but I totally fell in love with that curly overall <3 ...and what about that cutie kitten in a basket?? OMG.

This adorable angel is my favourite part! I SO wish I had more of these... I put a tiny glitter heart on it, and blinged up the wings with pink Stickles.

But the reason it's my favourite GLOWS in the dark!! Cooooool huh? It's super sweet!! Sadly I have no picture of it glowing though, it was too dark. :)
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25 oktober 2012

Princess in pink

Hello everyone! Chilly winds from up north, and I'm starting to feel christmasy. :) Early maybe, but we're planning for christmas at work so my head's filled with ideas for snowflakes on the walls and such. At home it's still fall though. The boys asked for jack o'lanterns today...
...and speaking of lanterns, there are still no light chain lanterns in sight in my craft room, but I do have a few new wood signs to show - when I come around to taking photos that is.

Ok, so meanwhile, here's a new letter.

Bright, bold colors and a whole bunch of hearts and crowns.

Princess-theme, in case you missed it. Hearts of all sorts in the background.

The deer from The Greeting Farm is simply SO sweet, perfect for baby projects. I've used it before, and am sure to do so again. This time I let it blend in with the background and just used a hint of white on the eye and chest.

Not really complete without some white on white stamping. There's also the baby's name along the side, but I didn't bother about a photo for that. I've done it about a million times by now. :)

A crown fit for a king.....I mean princess!
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12 oktober 2012

a present P

Hi friends! I know I've been super slow in updating my blog lately...or actually, I've been slow for a long time. It's not that I don't do things anymore, it's just that I often find myself doing things that aren't really scrapbooking related. I guess you've seen that here too, right? It's sugar scrubs and fabric book shelves and felted soaps and clay no, I haven't showed that one here - yet. :)
Last night started out sooo good, with plans for making paper cups into the cutest lanterns for a light chain.....whooa! I dunno what happened, but I found myself painting my nails instead. Not just painted either, but ombre painting.... That takes like forever. I learned that yesterday. Haven't decided if I like it yet. :P

Now, enough about me. Onto this fun project instead, a custom made P from this summer. The title "a present P" is a play with words btw, the swedish word for gift is present.

I was asked to follow the color scheme from Kim as you are, so I did. I believe this one turned out a bit darker though. At first I thought I was in way over my head with the blurry design paper I picked. But then, after adding layers and layers of even more pattern, it worked out quite well.

Angel with glitter wings and red heart.

Here's a bit of the multi layered background, and some more stuff on top. I first used a wire netting stencil with white acrylics and then stamped and embossed swirls. The polka dot organza ribbon had a rich red tone that I like, so that color is repeated in the butterflies.

Instead of a name, half of a "smile" stamp, with the dot replaced with a glittery heart.

Doggie. :)

L.O.V.E. this charm and how perfect it goes with the ribbon.

I wonder if I'll be making the lanterns tonight? ;)

27 september 2012

A new home

A new way of making a Home. These letters are smaller than the ones I usually use for my Homes, app. 7 cm. 

Aren't they just adorable? :)

I had this row of houses, some kind of zinc sign that I got one day thinking I'd might use it as a stencil or something. As it turned out, the metal was too thick to work the way I wanted. So I simply traced the houses onto pearly white cardstock, cut it out, inked the edges and filled in the lines with a silver pen.
I made the sky/background from a dp with blue newspaper print, because the news is out, all over town. Hm. Anyway. I inked the edges, added some birds and clouds, and a hot air balloon to bring some life into it.   

A "key" element, haha.

Each little door got a red sparkling heart to remind us that Home is where your heart is.

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