27 mars 2012

Pale pastel easter

Finally some scrapbooking after all this sewing. Happy happy easter letters filled with the joy of spring: the budding flowers, the awakening butterflies and the delicate colors of the sky and the growing nature. 

 However happy they make me, I didn't make them for personal use. I hope to sell them at the local Easter fair in a few weeks. Keeping fingers crossed! :) 

Edit: The Easter Fair got snowed in...or whatever you wanna call it when you're supposed to be outdoors and there's a blizzard. Tough luck.
They are still for sale. ;)

26 mars 2012

Don't cry

Today I've had a very productive day. Looks like I've befriended my sewing machine, finally. I find myself making up projects that involve fabric, and with fabric comes the need of sewing, mostly. It's really not that hard after all. Yaay!
Here's the result of one days efforts. A neat little pile, or ja, two piles.

 I also had the chance to make use of the top part of the t-shirts from the scarf project as lining material for these, wich is double goodie. Not only does that mean less waste, but a really cool splash of color for the otherwise strict-looking darker cases aswell.   
Oh, in case you wonder what this is.... they are paper napkin cases. I got mine from a  friend some time ago, and I love it and have it in my bag always.
So much prettier than that flimsy plastic "case", and a really sweet little gift for anyone that is likely to carry paper napkins, a.k.a. ANY girlfriend/mother/grannie you know. Right?

Tomorrow I hope to share with you some good old scrapbooking, far from any sewing machine. See ya! :)

22 mars 2012

Be near me

Another experiment. Here I wanted to re-use/recycle some letters that I previously used as masks for Happy now. First, I layered them on top of it all, but felt they were too visible there with all the yellow, so in the end I painted over them, making them barely visible at all. Can you see them?
So, from a distance it looks like it says "love me", but it really is "Love, be near me". I like the subtle presence of the underlaying words, and how they really change the entire meaning of the sentiment.

21 mars 2012

all yellow

I know it's been awfully quiet around here for some time...please forgive me (I know not what I do).
Well yes I do, but it's been mostly experimenting lately, and let's just say - things are not going exactly my way. :P

Anyhow. I'll share with you one of my "almost but not quite right"-experiments from today. Since I was only playing around to see if I liked this kind of project, I wasn't too particular with spacing and how the words would end up. But apart from that, and the fact that some letters are a bit smudged (gaaaah!!), I kinda like it.
 Lyrics from Coldplay - Yellow. What else. ;)
Even more so, I liked how easy it was to just write what you want with a pen, no mess with paint and brushes. I'll absolutely have another try at this!

....just need to figure out what to write on the next one. Suggestions anyone?

5 mars 2012

Happy now

I've made a painting! The first one in a looooong time. I did this because I wanted to try a masking method I saw somewhere on the internet (most likely Pinterest, everything's on Pinterest :)).
I don't have any before pictures, but I imagine you've all seen that kind of "art" before: it's a black and white photo of a pile of stones. Nothing fancy, and for sure a perfect item for a first attempt at this. So, ja...I went along and put my words the way I wanted them, using different fonts and sizes. Actually, I just took what was at hand, and to be honest I'm not THAT happy about the result. Not that sad either. :)
First, I covered everything in white acrylic paint in three or maybe four layers. Then began the actual painting.....well njaaa. Most of this was made with other tools than a brush. The black butterfly is a stencil, the big yellow dots are stippled and I used a heavy amount of bubble wrap in various sizes. I really like the effect of bubble wrap and don't think there ever can be too much! :) Well yes, maybe...

 Anyway. I also used several smaller butterfly masks. For some I brushed paint or glitter (sadly not very visible in these pictures), and for others I splattered paint from a toothbrush.

As for the sentiment.... when I peeled off my letters I soon realised that paper based letters is no good for projects like these. They were very difficult to peel off, plus it had slipped a little paint in underneath.....bummer! That's what happens when I'm too eager to get started, like I always am.

But ah! All in all I'm satisfied with the outcome, and I'm sure gonna try this some more. This will go prefect in my kitchen, over the clock. :)

Can you guess what colors my kitchen is? ;)