27 januari 2013

Vintage cake stand

Just a few days before christmas I came up with the idea of making three tier cake stands as christmas gifts for my family. Great idea!
NOT so great that I decided this a bit late.... However, a quick raid to the thrift shop and a browse on the internet later I luckily had all the parts needed AND a drilling-willing husband (noo, I did not find him online :P), so I made it in time for christmas. Just in time I might add.
I didn't have time, however, to take pictures.  Ja okey, I forgot. There were more important things to focus on right then and there. :)

I've later corrected my mistake, so out of the four cake stands I've managed to photograph three. Tadaa!

The one I kept for myself. Picture's from christmas eve and we've filled it with homemade candy. Yummy! You can't see it here of course, but it's green-ish and top and bottom tiers have similar empire? baroque? OLD depictions that ties it together nicely. 

Cake stand #2, for my mother-in-law. Pale green and pink flowers for this one. The openwork saucer on top is  the icing on this cake.
The third one I gave to my mother. It has brighter flowers and gold lining, although the top bowl is more of a bold border.
I think I may have to make some more of these, as soon as I have time to shop for more vintage plates. It was FUN!

26 januari 2013

Enchanting Emma

The last of the siblings-letters. I was told she's a girly girl with a passion for pink so I went with that. Easy peasy. 

Pink felt swirls softens the strict lines of E, as does the roses.

Every girl's an angel.

Roses are... pink. And romantic. :)

Emma got a swirl by her name, to match the felt swirls. With a few pearls it's just perfect!

10 januari 2013

Sweet sister

Second letter. A green/blue -ish toned S with purple enhancers on the pale blue background. On the left hand side a whole bunch of stamped hearts around the little critter on it's way up. A symbol of the love surrounding Sofia on her way up though childhood/life. (The stamped arrow says 'Memories this way' btw) Atleast that's what went on in my head while making it. :) 

On the top right hand side is her birthdate, just like on Little Lady. Since they're sisters I thought it would be nice to have some elements alike.

Just hangin'...

Absolutely love this sentence. Also love how it's barely readable here, with just 'big' standing out.

Instead of my usual white on white stamping I went with color for these girls. It's pretty nice too, don't you think? :)

8 januari 2013

Little lady

A dear (and luckily very patient) friend of mine ordered some letters for her family a while back. The first one, made for a sweet princessy little girl is all about pink and cuddly and cute...

Pink - of course - background paper with flock flowers. On top of that a lace border in the bottom, a stamped row of hearts and a yummy cupcake bow...

The centerpiece cupcake stack is stamped one by one directly onto the background and then colored and blinged (my personal fave is the cherry on top!). Kitty is stamped on a different paper, trimmed and adhered. Notice the itty bitty butterfly too.

Fit for a princess.

Girly girl flowers with gemstone. The "pistils" are actually snowflake brads - on spring break I like to think. ;) 
Stay tuned, there's more to come!