6 december 2012

Collection II

Ok, so I've deleted my previous post. Here are the correct pictures :) Maybe a sign that I have too many bracelets, since I can't keep track of them even in photos.

Anyhow. All of these are made in the same way, with double cord and pearls threaded in between.

First, two blue toned summerish bracelets. I even enhanced the beach feeling by using a nautical button and leaving the ends a bit longer on the top one.

 Same bracelets, only the Front side? Top? Ah. The other side.

 This is it! The origin of my obsession and the reason why I fill post after post with bracelets. :) I made this a little while ago during craft night at church. I'd read something about making bracelets like these somewhere online, and thought I'd have a go at it. I couldn't remember exactly how to do so I just tried a few ideas and went with what looked most right.
I had so much fun that night though, chatting along with my friends, that I accidently made it too big for me. Oops!

Luckily it fitted hubby like a glove, and I had to make some more that would fit me. :) So this is why.

(and btw, I had made a few itty-bitty mistakes with it so I re-threaded it later)

 This one is all mine! A double wrapped model in soft multicolor. I like the mixture with clear/opaque/matt/shiny beads in an irregular pattern.

This is a tiny one. Too small even to fit my boys, it now adorns the wrist of little Molly. She's happy. I'm happy. :)

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