22 augusti 2011

Seamless trees

Today I've been trying on some of my latest stamp additions, and since the last sets of stamps were christmasy - christmas cards is what you get. :)

 This card base was leftover from the deer card a few days ago (I cut a larger square card in two, and took a piece of this one to make the deer), and that, along with the shape of the trees, inspired me to make this 'invisible opening'-thingie. Can you spot the opening? ;)
 Maybe here?


 I'm not really sure this is a santa. He looks more like a gnome to me, especially in this 'down-to-earth' costume. :)

Second card got a real simple layout. Too bad you can't really see the lovely shimmer in this card though....
Anyway. Lots of embossing here; first stamped and embossed the outline in black, and then added some extra grace to it with Palm green details. All done!

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  1. This is adorable! very cheerful and fun.

    paper compulsions


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