21 november 2011

Paper rose tutorial

I loooove making paper roses!! Both because they're so stinkin' cute AND because they're super easy to make. I thought I'd show you how to make a folded paper rose. :)

 So, this is how you do it...

 You'll need this: paper, scissors, circle punch (or anything round really) and fast drying glue ( I use Glossy accent). Ink is optional. 

 First, make the circle. Punch, or trace a round object and cut it. The bigger the circle, the bigger the rose... duuh. :O

 Cut circle into a spiral, no need to be precise here. Mind you, the width of the spiral cut determines the hight and affects the size of the rose. A narrow cut = a flatter, wider rose... As you can see, I also snip off the tip of the spiral. No real reason for that, I just don't feel I need it. :)

Now, fold the edges of the spiral a little, pinching it between you fingers as shown, all the way around.
After wich, it should look something like this, back and front showing. If you wanna ink the edges a bit now is the time. I ink the first part (what will later be center of the rose) a bit more, and just here and there on the rest. 

Now, starting from the outside going in, make a tight roll of the paper spiral.

I hold it like this while I roll it to make sure the bottom edge is fairly aligned. That's where you glue later, and it's easier to make a nice rose then.


Rollin' rollin' rollin'...


The last bit of paper will form the base of the rose. Just pinch it a little, and give the rose a light squeeze between your fingers, with a thumb on the bottom and the indexfinger on top of the rose. Then....
...let go!!

Leave it for a while on your desk and watch it evolve from a paper roll into a rose. When satisfied with the size, pick it up agian.
Hold it upside down like this, and put a fair amount of glue over the base. Fold over the flap and hold for a few seconds. Now is the time to shape the rose into final form; push, squeeze and adjust.


Place it on the desk again, and give it a proper squeeze with your thumb. This will make the back nice and flat.

All done! Easy peasy, huh? :)

So, that's the folded rose, but as you might have seen on my first photo, there are other roses too. I don't fancy them as much, so I almost never do them, but there's a simple rose where you don't fold the edges, and a scalloped rose where you cut the spiral in a wavy, scalloped shape. Both of these looks better with a double sided paper since you see more of the back on them.

My paper rose neclace, love it! :)
That's it, I hope you enjoyed my first ever tutorial.  Thank you for visiting. :)

No go start making those roses right away!!

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