2 december 2011

Christmas treats

This year it'll be super fancy christmas candy in this house...or atleast that's the plan. LOL
We bought chocolate molds and will give it a try with filled chocolate, along with the usual knäck and marzipan figures of course.
Anyway, this made me think about making a box for all the goodies. Now, I don't know if it means we'll fail, or that we'll eat it all at once, but this box is only 9x10 cm... :D The cute deer from The greeting farm 's Forest friends was just right for this.

A touch of Glossy accent on the eye.
I made a little window to display the treats, cutting a hole through the lid and covering it with acetate from the back, and with a scalloped border on the front. 
I needed chocolate for this photo, but we still haven't made any "real" ones, so I'm just using a trial batch here. :)

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