5 december 2011

Match up matchbox

Tis the make gifts! :) Everyone deserves a litte somethin' this time of year. These matching sets of candles and matches (yes, pun VERY intended ;)) was made for our sweet Mixgruppen-leaders Maria & Ingela. 

 I fell for these ahdorable ornament-shaped candles, aren't they the cutest? ...and the sparkliest ever too, there's glitter all over my house now. LOL

Purple candles needs a purple box of course. I already had my eye on this santa sticker for this, and even found some purple snowflake? star? naja... He looked jolly so I went with Ho ho ho for sentiment. :)

 Almost forgot to photograph this one. ;) The ornament candles in gold/copper had a flower pattern wich I embellished with a red center.

The trees are cut by hand, and the left one heat embossed with a copper swirl. The happy snowman is part of a sticker, and I also added a few golden leaves and little red bling.

A bonus box. :) This is my own match box, made a few years ago.

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