2 september 2011

Add-on cards

The fastest way to get from card base to scrapped creation sometimes is by a shortcut. It can be really nice going down that road from time to time. :) These cards are all made from ready-made card bases, with some add-ons. Perfect for that little note or greeting.
 Here's an all-occasion big bow card. With that prominent bow and brad, and some swirly peel-off stickers, it's catchy yet simple in design.  

 I recently noticed that my table is shiny enough to make reflections of the card in it... Coooool! ;)

 This flowered thingie was turned into a monogram card, with some strips of corresponding papers and a gloden chipboard letter.

Who's it for? Well, Mom of course :)

Some brighter cards, with lots of color. For this one I stamped a flower with many thanks, heat embossed in white and added a big flowery brad as the center. A crooked frame and a tiny "thank you"-tag and the card's all done.

 Petal peek.

 Here I made a striped card again. The idea is similar to the darker card above, but this time I used horisontal strips of paper and let them continue outside the card on both sides.

 Just a note... and a wee sticker.

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