26 september 2011

Combined card/envelope-box

This is my first ever card/envelope/box-thingie, wich I made to fit a gift certificate. It goes without saying but... it's for a birthday. ;)

 Hmm, from above it looks slightly askew. I'm pretty sure it was, too. LOL  :)
Made out of blue cardstock, and very colorful and party-ish paper. I really like all the glittery pennants.

 When opened, it first looks like this, with my sweet little penguin on the loose again. Actually one of the few times I've used the entire penguin, partyhat and all. 

Remove gift certificate and find the birthday greetings. The penguin is hanging only from the balloons, so he'll remain in the card.

A closer look. The Grattis-streamer is simply stapled  to the left side, and mr. Penguin's lost a balloon.

Is this a box, or an envelope, or what??

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