4 oktober 2011


I recently stumbled upon a hidden treasure, in my mother-in-law's garden shed. Who would have thought? :)  Now I feel almost like Scrooge McDuck, only I'm wading through buttons, not money.  LOL

Here's what I've sorted out so far, app. 30 kg out of the atleast 70 kg well-hidden stash. Look at all that color!! ( I say, starting off with the white ones, haha!)

While sorting, sizing and cleaning all of these buttons I realised some are super cool and really pretty, but even the plain ones have their charm and can be stunning when used right.
I also came to think; who designs all these millions and millions of buttons? Pretty cool job.. :)

Now, go one more time and look closer at the pictures. Look at what a fab thing a button is, and what a variety of color and shape there are. Beautiful. :)

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  1. OH! How exciting! I bet you felt like a kid in front of the tree on Chirstmas morning.



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