10 januari 2013

Sweet sister

Second letter. A green/blue -ish toned S with purple enhancers on the pale blue background. On the left hand side a whole bunch of stamped hearts around the little critter on it's way up. A symbol of the love surrounding Sofia on her way up though childhood/life. (The stamped arrow says 'Memories this way' btw) Atleast that's what went on in my head while making it. :) 

On the top right hand side is her birthdate, just like on Little Lady. Since they're sisters I thought it would be nice to have some elements alike.

Just hangin'...

Absolutely love this sentence. Also love how it's barely readable here, with just 'big' standing out.

Instead of my usual white on white stamping I went with color for these girls. It's pretty nice too, don't you think? :)

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