8 januari 2013

Little lady

A dear (and luckily very patient) friend of mine ordered some letters for her family a while back. The first one, made for a sweet princessy little girl is all about pink and cuddly and cute...

Pink - of course - background paper with flock flowers. On top of that a lace border in the bottom, a stamped row of hearts and a yummy cupcake bow...

The centerpiece cupcake stack is stamped one by one directly onto the background and then colored and blinged (my personal fave is the cherry on top!). Kitty is stamped on a different paper, trimmed and adhered. Notice the itty bitty butterfly too.

Fit for a princess.

Girly girl flowers with gemstone. The "pistils" are actually snowflake brads - on spring break I like to think. ;) 
Stay tuned, there's more to come!

1 kommentar:

  1. Hej!

    Vilka fantastiska saker du gör! :)

    Blev väldigt nyfiken på vart du köper träbokstäverna? Ska inreda ett rum till min dotter snart och skulle vilja få tag i bokstäver.



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