27 januari 2013

Vintage cake stand

Just a few days before christmas I came up with the idea of making three tier cake stands as christmas gifts for my family. Great idea!
NOT so great that I decided this a bit late.... However, a quick raid to the thrift shop and a browse on the internet later I luckily had all the parts needed AND a drilling-willing husband (noo, I did not find him online :P), so I made it in time for christmas. Just in time I might add.
I didn't have time, however, to take pictures.  Ja okey, I forgot. There were more important things to focus on right then and there. :)

I've later corrected my mistake, so out of the four cake stands I've managed to photograph three. Tadaa!

The one I kept for myself. Picture's from christmas eve and we've filled it with homemade candy. Yummy! You can't see it here of course, but it's green-ish and top and bottom tiers have similar empire? baroque? OLD depictions that ties it together nicely. 

Cake stand #2, for my mother-in-law. Pale green and pink flowers for this one. The openwork saucer on top is  the icing on this cake.
The third one I gave to my mother. It has brighter flowers and gold lining, although the top bowl is more of a bold border.
I think I may have to make some more of these, as soon as I have time to shop for more vintage plates. It was FUN!

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  1. Åh vilka fina! Kanske något att ge till spa-värdinnan i vår? ;-) Kramar!


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