14 februari 2012

Have a heart

It's been a whole lot of sewing going on here lately!

 I believe I ended up with 14 or 15 of these little sweethearts,  this years Valentine-project. :) You know what they are, right?

 Warmers in the shape of a heart, filled with rice, beans, wheat and whatnots. I even added some scent in the form of mint teabags! LoL
Just put it in the microwave for a minute and you'll have a warm cosy "beanbag" for your frozen fingers.
OR, you can keep it in the freezer to cool down swellings, bug bites or even for headache. Being a mother of two active boys, mine will definitively go in the freezer. ;)

I made some fitting tags and safety-pinned it directly onto the heart (with directions on how to use the hearts on back) and sent my boys to school and daycare with a bunch for their teachers, and gave others away to friends.
Both making and giving was super fun! I should do stuff like this more often...

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  1. LOVE these! I made some simple little rectangular bags with rice years ago. They were not nearly this cute. I just heated mine. I did not realize they could go in the freezer as well. COOL - haha
    Great addition with the mint teabags! Such a little treat every time you heat it up :)



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