27 februari 2012

Fabric bookshelf

I've put my old sewing machine to good use these past weeks. I'm almost expecting it to fall apart from all this unusual pressure. LOL

Anyhow, this is my latest project, a couple of "bookshelves" for my boys. :)

 Made out of fabric of course, I don't have a magical sewing machine that can handle wood.
So, my kiddos picked out this fabric at IKEA, and I also got the perfect-sized IRJA curtain rods over there. 10 sek a piece, can you believe it?! I bought 4 for this. 
Since I'm a true novis at sewing, I'm sticking to straight pieces of fabric, and only zig-zag and simple straight seams. Easy peasy.
 A couple of (fairly straight) seams later, and some drillinghelp from my handy handyman man haha they are! Some of the teddybears quickly found their home in there too.

A closeup. For now the rear rod is just resting on the brackets, but I think I'll have to come up with a solution to make it stay there.

Kids love it though :) *phew*

5 kommentarer:

  1. Riktigt häftig idé!! :-) KRAM

  2. So cute and clever! I am sure the kids will have them FULL of goodies soon. lol

    1. Thanks Jani :) ..and you are right, they're already stuffed. :D

  3. This is fantastic!!!! I just love your innovative creativity!!! Work that sewing machine. :D Such cute ideas and the kid's rooms look wonderful. :)


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