27 mars 2012

Pale pastel easter

Finally some scrapbooking after all this sewing. Happy happy easter letters filled with the joy of spring: the budding flowers, the awakening butterflies and the delicate colors of the sky and the growing nature. 

 However happy they make me, I didn't make them for personal use. I hope to sell them at the local Easter fair in a few weeks. Keeping fingers crossed! :) 

Edit: The Easter Fair got snowed in...or whatever you wanna call it when you're supposed to be outdoors and there's a blizzard. Tough luck.
They are still for sale. ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Härligt våriga påskbokstäver. Dom tycker jag verkligen borde gå att sälja.

  2. They will no doubt sell. They look fantastic! :)


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