26 mars 2012

Don't cry

Today I've had a very productive day. Looks like I've befriended my sewing machine, finally. I find myself making up projects that involve fabric, and with fabric comes the need of sewing, mostly. It's really not that hard after all. Yaay!
Here's the result of one days efforts. A neat little pile, or ja, two piles.

 I also had the chance to make use of the top part of the t-shirts from the scarf project as lining material for these, wich is double goodie. Not only does that mean less waste, but a really cool splash of color for the otherwise strict-looking darker cases aswell.   
Oh, in case you wonder what this is.... they are paper napkin cases. I got mine from a  friend some time ago, and I love it and have it in my bag always.
So much prettier than that flimsy plastic "case", and a really sweet little gift for anyone that is likely to carry paper napkins, a.k.a. ANY girlfriend/mother/grannie you know. Right?

Tomorrow I hope to share with you some good old scrapbooking, far from any sewing machine. See ya! :)

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