21 mars 2012

all yellow

I know it's been awfully quiet around here for some time...please forgive me (I know not what I do).
Well yes I do, but it's been mostly experimenting lately, and let's just say - things are not going exactly my way. :P

Anyhow. I'll share with you one of my "almost but not quite right"-experiments from today. Since I was only playing around to see if I liked this kind of project, I wasn't too particular with spacing and how the words would end up. But apart from that, and the fact that some letters are a bit smudged (gaaaah!!), I kinda like it.
 Lyrics from Coldplay - Yellow. What else. ;)
Even more so, I liked how easy it was to just write what you want with a pen, no mess with paint and brushes. I'll absolutely have another try at this!

....just need to figure out what to write on the next one. Suggestions anyone?

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  1. Great idea. I love your handwriting too. Not sure I would like to sit and look at my handwriting all the time though. LOL


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