5 mars 2012

Happy now

I've made a painting! The first one in a looooong time. I did this because I wanted to try a masking method I saw somewhere on the internet (most likely Pinterest, everything's on Pinterest :)).
I don't have any before pictures, but I imagine you've all seen that kind of "art" before: it's a black and white photo of a pile of stones. Nothing fancy, and for sure a perfect item for a first attempt at this. So, ja...I went along and put my words the way I wanted them, using different fonts and sizes. Actually, I just took what was at hand, and to be honest I'm not THAT happy about the result. Not that sad either. :)
First, I covered everything in white acrylic paint in three or maybe four layers. Then began the actual painting.....well njaaa. Most of this was made with other tools than a brush. The black butterfly is a stencil, the big yellow dots are stippled and I used a heavy amount of bubble wrap in various sizes. I really like the effect of bubble wrap and don't think there ever can be too much! :) Well yes, maybe...

 Anyway. I also used several smaller butterfly masks. For some I brushed paint or glitter (sadly not very visible in these pictures), and for others I splattered paint from a toothbrush.

As for the sentiment.... when I peeled off my letters I soon realised that paper based letters is no good for projects like these. They were very difficult to peel off, plus it had slipped a little paint in underneath.....bummer! That's what happens when I'm too eager to get started, like I always am.

But ah! All in all I'm satisfied with the outcome, and I'm sure gonna try this some more. This will go prefect in my kitchen, over the clock. :)

Can you guess what colors my kitchen is? ;)

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  1. Superfin!!!Och vet du vad...Ebbas fina men aningen nakna tavellist börjar känna ett behov av att pimpas...Rosa! Ganska stark rosa och ljusrosa och varför inte någon annan fin färg??? Har du några idéer???


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