18 juli 2012

Folded pocket card

One of my sweet aunties had a big birthday coming up, and since we live far apart and don't get to visit that often, I wanted to make her a special card.
The idea for this card came from the Meander fold mini album and is made from a single sheet of paper but I wanted it more card-sized, so instead of all those folds I made only two.
First in half, and then half of that, wich left me with a 15x15 cm card, with the possibilities of two pockets. I went with one facing forward, and one upward.

I thought the front was kinda nice already so I just drew an additional swirl, heat embossed in copper brown, and added a few flowers with a gemstone center.
Once opened it looks like this. The big brown butterfly is part of the paper, I put two friends there for company and gave them all glitter bodies. For the opposite side a printed quote and the cutest little clock charm.

These are the tags that slides into the pockets...

...with birthday greetings of course. I printed it onto cardstock, and again added some glitter. Glitter makes everything more festive, don't you think?

For the back pocket I slipped in a few photos and made it look like I taped them on the tag. It's not washi tape though, the rose patterned one is some sort of plastic, and the brown dotted one is made of fabric.
The lovely quote again. In translation, it says:

The people who has got the most out of their lifes
isn’t the ones who has lived a century,
it is the ones that have lived every minute

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