10 juli 2012

what's cooking

Ooops, what happened? I thought I was smart and made several posts to be published later on. Obviously I made something wrong... I'll give it a new try here.  

This is a card I made for no special reason, other than that I wanted to try out a new set of stamps (a freebie from a magazine). Clearly I'm not the coloring stamp-type! I used color pencils, cause that's what I had. I'm sure copics would have been so much easier.

 I wont buy any copics though. In fact, I think I'll end up selling/sending the stamps somewhere they will be more used. They are adorable, but frankly a bit intimidating to me. :)

A closer look at doggie and his friend. For the collar-tag I used a silver pen, and put a drop of Glossy accent on top for that extra shine.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very cute! I know what you mean though about being intimidated by stamps and coloring. I can manipulate paper all day, but ask me to stamp and color and I'll have problems. I keep trying to play around with them. I know a lot of "techniques" but Really don't have a lot of luck with stamping.

    1. Jani! It's good to know I'm not the only one scared of those cutie stamps ;) Stamping is alright, it's the coloring part that's scaaaary. I prefer stamps that's alright the way they are, or easily paper pieced. Thanks for letting me know I'm not all alone. :)


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