19 juli 2012

Teacher appreciation, part M

Summer's almost over... naja, ok. Maybe it just feels that's not really over, this is the summer that went missing. :P
Anyway. In the beginning of summer I was given the honour of making this years teacher appretiation gifts, both for my sons class and for the parallel class. Yay! :) I loooove making these letters.
Before starting with this project, I made sure to find out what colors they liked best, and what colors they'd never wear or have in the home. Kinda cool that they all answered blue as the favourite. :)
First one out, but actually the last to be made, is M, for Marie. Her favourites were blue, white and pink. I picked this lovely paper in summer sky blue, with torn pieces of newspaper here and there. Roses and swirls in soft pink, and a few details in white made the finished result look soft and romantic. 
For more depth, I used a template with numbers, and sprayed gently with glimmer mist. A couple of soft stamped crowns as another layer. The itty-bitty butterflies are punched from another newspaper paper, wich I had used for one of the other letters. Not that it matters for the recipients, but for me it ties all the letters together nicely, and I'm all for making it nice and proper. ;)
Romantic roses and a butterfly resting on top.

If you've seen any of my altered letters before you must know by now that I really really like this white on white stamping on the side of the letter. I don't ever get tired of this. :)

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